We believe IT should not be part of your daily activities when it's not your core business. Where relational data is the heart of your business, you just want to make sure it's available when and wherever you want. That’s where we come in, meet SORSIT.

We do databases and more!

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We do databases and more

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Yes, we do databases but we do more. We do it all to provide you an end-to-end solution for your information chain.


You don’t want to worry about anything else besides working with your data? No problem! We can host your database and application environment anywhere around the globe.

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Newly Build

We are able to manage your database environment around the clock with our highly skilled engineers. There is no need for us to come to your office for our daily activities. We are able to do them all remotely.

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Always on the watch and jumping in in case of any problem. We are able to monitor your database platform from any place you want.

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Just Hands

Looking for some extra hands to help your organisation achieve its goals? Let us know what you’re searching for and we’ll find the right candidate to support you.

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Remote Management

We build, we manage and we service, but it all starts with the build. Looking for the best solution for your build or do you want extra help how to renew your current system? We can help you out!

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Continuously changing rules and a large scale of options makes it hard to understand what you need and how it can benefit your total cost of ownership.

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Not sure what you want? We can help you out if you need advise on licensing or just a replacement of the current system.

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Focus is what makes you great

We believe that your business critical data should be available at any time, at any place. You shouldn’t be concerned about complicated infrastructure questions like where to place data, how to secure it or even how to make it available at the time you want to request it.

It all keeps you away from the things you’re good at.

We believe that focus is what makes a company great and that is why we do what we do. With an innate love for bits and bites we wanted to get focus on the heart of the majority of companies which is data.

Companies nowadays can not survive without data and we are here to make sure your data is always available, secured and quickly accessible. Without any hassle to you.

Data storage, moving data and storage in the cloud.

Move forward to the cloud

We clean, we migrate and we host from anywhere you want, yes we do databases! But that’s not all, we do more than that but we like to keep it as simple as possible.

Are you renewing your database platform and looking for the right hardware? Why not move forward to the cloud and leave worries about the infrastructure behind.

We can help cleaning up your old location, moving it to the cloud and making sure it is secured in any possible way.

Start enjoying benefits like adjustable resource scheduling based on your needs and lower your total cost of ownership by scaling down resources.

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Start enjoying the benefits of the cloud

Want to join us?

We are continuously searching for nerds to join our team.

Do you think you can add something to our team? Are you that wizkid with a love for data, always into the details and service-minded?

We are an open-minded and flexible organisation where personality comes first. We are all about sharing knowledge to improve every single day.

Leave us a note and let's meet to see if we are a match.

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